Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Halloween 2009

So I have been lectured by Julene that just because I posted Halloween pictures on my facebook, it doesn't mean that everyone has seen them since not everyone (Julene) is on facebook. So here we go...

After watching the latest Harry Potter movie with my Mom this summer, I made my usual phone call to my sister Kathy so that she could explain to me what happened and why, and what will happen next. I do this after every Harry Potter movie because I've been too lazy to read the books, but I can't stand not knowing what happens next. After watching this movie I considered reading the last book, since there was only one more left, and then I would finally know how it ended. The only problem with this is that Kathy told me that so much more happens in the books than in the movies, and there are even characters in the books that aren't in the movies. I figured it would probably be even more confusing if I only read the last book so I decided that the next movie doesn't come out for another year, why not make it a goal to read all of the books before then. I thought a year would be just about enough time. Well I didn't need a year because It only took me 6 weeks. I had no idea I would get so into them. I was so caught up in them that Sam decided to read them too, and we had to race to the finnish.. (he won. but that's not the point.) Because I was constantly reading Harry Potter, my boys became obsessed with it and they've never even watched any of the movies! We decided to let them watch the first one because it's not as scary as the rest, and after that Nicholas HAD to be Harry Potter for Halloween. Now because Nicholas was going to be Harry Potter, Christian Had to be Harry Potter. So I went to the fabric store to find a Harry Potter robe pattern, only to discover that they don't make them. I did however find a
Little Red Riding-hood pattern that with a few alterations, would work. I found some great cloak like fabric at walmart for only $3 a yard and started sewing. It wasn't until I had both costumes cut out that I realized that I bought 60" wide fabric, thinking it was 45", which if you sew at all you know that means I bought way too much. I couldn't just let all that fabric go to waste, so I decided to make a cloak for me too, and then I could dress up with the boys. When mine was finished, it didn't seem right not to have Sam dressed up too, however he had forbidden me from spending anymore money on halloween costumes, and I didn't have enough leftover to make him a full costume. Luckily a sister from my ward donated some fabric to the cause of making Sam dress up, and it all worked out great!
I decided to be Tonks, (No, that is not my real hair, it's a wig- I actually had some people ask!)) and I made Sam be Lupin, I even made him grow some facial hair, (which he hated, but I thought was kinda cute)
and we had 2 Harry Potters, (Christian wouldn't keep his glasses on)

P.S. If you are wondering, Sam put the wrong ties on the boys which is why Nick's is too small, and Christian's is too long!
P.P.S You don't have to read my Halloween post next year since we will probably be wearing the same costumes. I didn't put all that work into it to only be worn once!


Meagan said...

Love the red hair! thats amazing you read it in 6 weeks!!! Wow!

Julene and Gabe said...

It's about time!!!

Wow! I think YOU outdid me! I only had to make one costume after all! You did a VERY good job on those! I may have to borrow those some time, if you don't mind!

Katie Aldrich said...

Those were the best ever costumes- and I can't believe you made them!

Cindy said...

I can't believe you read all of the books that fast. I want to do that--i'll bet that was an awesome experience!

The Christians said...

you guys look so awesome! We love and miss you tons!

Mandie Flood said...

Um, don't think I'm weird or anything, but Nat, you look so HOT!
You know that, I'm sure. You're like all those Mom's that look like they have never had children, or aged, or got stuck in any one particular decade of fashion. Way to go.
Your boys look movie ready. You are gonna have a hard time outdoing this the next time you decide to do this.
I shouldn't surprised that you did such a great job. You are a go getter. And usually succeed at everything you try. remember when you made that formal dress the day of the institute formal? You weren't even late for your date.
You are just an impressive person.
Merry Christmas
Love Mandie

Kathleen said...

Love it! Especially the ties ;)

birdsays said...

WAY to go Natalie! Those were great! I do love the red hair! Miss you guys!

Lisa/Scott said...

LOL Now that I've finally gone back to blogging, I know the adorable and hilarious story behind your costumes! I actually ended up reading all the Harry Potter books about six months ago just because my curiosity finally got the better of me. I read the first book, watched the first movie after I finished it, then read the second book and watched that movie, etc. So I can totally relate to what your saying, AND I was surprised how much I'd like them too. Yay for Harry Potter!